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About our Company

Jetpack Technologies Sdn Bhd is primarily set up to meet a market need / requirement for the packaging of edible oil in the most cost effective way against the traditional manner of packaging in bottles, tins, jerry cans and drums.

In taking up this challenge, the Company has succesfully developed and introduced Maxpack 2020HB and Maxpack 2000IP, two specially designed machines aimed at catering for 2 specific markets.

  1. For finished packed products where the turnover time is longer than 3 months, such as for export or to be distributed to far away destinations, the laminated plastic film will be required as it provides a more effective film barrier than monolayer LDPE. In this respect our Maxpack 2020HB which is purpose built to process laminated plastic materails will be the machine that you require
  2. For finished packed products where the turnover time is faster, ie less than 3 months, we recommend you to use our Maxpack 2000IP as this machine is designed specifically to run monolayer LDPE film materials, the most economical packaging material available. Hence giving you the competitive edge in marketing your packed products in the local markets.

The success of the Maxpack 2000 series machines thus far is a result of more than 10 years of painstaking indepth research and development process. Both Maxpack 2020HB and Maxpack 2000IP machines adopt well "in-house" researched technologies that have since eliminated totally the traditional leakage and oily pouches associated with the packing of edible oil in pillow pouches.

Continued research programmes are still on going within Jetpack Technologies Sdn Bhd, in search for even more excellent sealing and cost effective production techniques for the oil packaging industry.

Maxpack machines are currently well accepted and widely used with total satisfaction by users in Malaysia, a country that provides the most competitive packaging costings for edible oil in the world. In addition, users in Middle East region, Africa, Indonesia and Thailand in demonstrating the confidence in our machines have increased their production lines by multiple units within a short period of over the past one year.

Jetpack Technologies Sdn Bhd has a team of experienced technical personnel to provide customers with up todate technical know how and support in after sale service on a continual basis. By using our machine, you will not only have peace of mind on the issue of leakages but also clean, oil free finished products that will only enhance your profitability in a partnership of growth with us.


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